Artificial Intelligence

O2 Technologies believes that AI and Cognitive Computing have the potential to address a wide spectrum of enterprise demands, and have been focusing on business use cases that quickly deliver measureable outcomes. O2 Technologies’s Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive (AIC) services enable clients to unlock the full potential of AI, and solve complex business challenges. Our AI services & solutions help gain high-quality and high-accuracy AI capabilities. Businesses can leverage these capabilities to build scalable & cost-effective digital applications and minimize labor and infrastructure cost to a large extent.


Latest insights and viewpoints on all things AI and Automation

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O2 Technologies aims to take the digital workforce from rule-based automation to AI thinker

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Navigating customer care using enterprise chatbot platforms

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Leadership in the age of AI

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AMD calls on O2 Technologies for an IT transformation through automation

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O2 Technologies’s continuous learning platform to decode & deliver to you IT operations knowledge through highly intuitive self-service interfaces, resulting in process efficiencies & customer delight.

Transforming Enterprises with Workplace Bot Ecosystem

O2 Technologies’s Workplace bot ecosystem serves organizational services like HR, Admin, Travel and IT creating a ubiquitous Workplace, complete with new and improved services.

Banking Bot

With AI maturing, banks are exploring how chat bots can take the burden off their customer services centers, and still retain that human touch to engage customers in meaningful conversations to solve their queries and deliver the best services.

Our Offerings

Machine learning

Our specialist of our company expertise the empowers and make allows your firm with machine learning technology that can understand complex data, identify models and recognize aims

Natural language processing

We are masters in Natural Language Processing extension that lets the device to guess and include what server speak and write, translate the connection and opinions and take proper operations.

Cognitive Service

With the aid of our ArtificialIntelligence development to your business can customize for your digitally automated that supports a new system of operations to expand productivity.

Predictive analytics

Our Services assist you with divine business conditions or sales investigation and get to identify consumer fulfillment. We develop and optimize machine mode and improve sales execution behavior.

Chatbot Development

It is a recently combined flow to stay closer to clients. We recommend companies in generating Chabot those benefits in attachment to the web page and mobile app in a space to present the unique user experience.

Deep Learning

The algorithms improve to provide tremendous ROI in a wide range. But the effort required is completely important. Our AI developers can develop your business with the mixture of deep learning in a uniform way.

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