Precision MEMS sensor supports accurate positioning for cars

A new product has been introduced by STMicroelectronics with the automotive-grade ASM330LHH six axis inertial sensor for super high resolution motion tracking in advanced vehicle navigation and telematics applications.

Aiming to serve demands for continuous, accurate vehicle location to support automated services, the ASM330LHH lets advanced dead reckoning algorithms calculate precise position from sensor data if satellite signals are blocked. This often happens in urban canyons, tunnels, covered roadways, parking garages, or dense forests. Its advanced, low noise, temperature stable design enables dependable telematics services such as e-tolling, tele-diagnostics, and e-Call assistance. Precision inertial data in six axes also meets the needs of advanced automated-driving systems.

Magneti Marelli has selected the ASM330LHH for advanced telematics systems, to be fitted as original equipment by global automotive groups in upcoming vehicle ranges.

For the ASM330LHH, as with all its MEMS sensors, ST owns the entire manufacturing process, from designing the sensors, through wafer fabrication, packaging, test, calibration, and supply. Full end-to-end control enables ST to create high-performing sensors and aim to assure customers of a robust and responsive supply chain, with rigorous end-of-line quality screening.

Andrea Onetti, Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group Vice President, STMicroelectronics, stated: “ST is the largest supplier of MEMS sensors for automotive non-safety applications, such as navigation and telematics. Our latest-generation inertial sensor, the automotive-grade ASM330LHH, enables precise positioning for safer, smarter driving.”

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