Putting Patient at the Core

Client background

The client is a Big Pharma headquartered in New York City. It manufactures prescription drugs in several therapeutic areas, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis and psychiatric disorders


Our client launched a speciality nephrology drug used as immunosuppressant post renal transplants, the first such drug to be approved in more than a decade. Despite a limited market, the drug was expected to be highly profitable and increase our client’s market share significantly. The client wanted to ensure that the drug delivers the expected health outcome and repeat Rx (prescription) and patient satisfaction.

Our solution empowered 1000-plus physicians to accurately calibrate drug administration.


O2 Technologies was tasked with creating a solution to ensure expected health outcome of the nephrology drug while helping with repeat Rx and patient satisfaction.

We conducted requirement gathering sessions with:

The medical team – to understand details of drug usage and pathology for vitals analysis.
The brand team – to understand the imperatives of brand experience.
The compliance team – to understand regulatory mandates such as patient data privacy, drug administration safety

We developed a platform-independent mobile app, which, according to the Medical Devices Directive, in its own right qualifies as a Class I medical device owing to its use and for its safety and efficacy.

The app facilitates physicians with:

  •  Analysis of vital parameters post transplant to ensure the patient’s body is accepting the new organ, by successfully converting a medical algorithm to software for the first time
  •  Keeping a check on cardio vascular risks through a CV Risk Calculator
  •  Accurate calculation of the dosage to be administered, based on the patient’s vitals and history through a dosage calculator
  •  Getting a one-touch access to all clinical, medical and safety information pertaining to the drug, its constitution and instructions on reconstitution, dilution, administration, storage, etc

O2 Technologies

created a security feature so that only registered physicians could use the app. A process was designed to validate credentials with the master ANA DB server. We also created web services so that the app could connect to the server through cloud.

The integration was unique with the mobile app on cloud and in-house server behind the firewall.

Our in-house regulatory consultant ensured the app had robust human error correction mechanism through in-person sessions with the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) HCP group.

Business impact

  • Increased revenue by 30% due to increased Rx for a 2.5 million patient base
  • Assured health outcome increasing acceptance of transplanted organ
    • Enhanced drug efficacy through timely and accurate administration
    • Reduced risk of adverse events post transplant like fatal infections, toxicity, cardio vascular complications and malignancy
    • Fast response to allergic reaction to drug through real-time condition update

 Improved drug adherence

  • Engagement of Key Opinion Leaders Physicians by empowering them with one touch mobile access to drug literature and prescription modification based on vitals analysis and feedback on drug efficacy and adverse events.
  • The robust integration of the mobile app on cloud with in-house server for authentication and authorization of registered HCPs ensured liability reduction for our client
  • Uniform brand experience and increased brand recall through app GUI 
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