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Endless possibilities with data for Retail, CPG & Logistics.

O2 Technologies’s IT services and solutions for retail, including our Digital, Industrial IoT, Analytics, and Consulting capabilities, can help you boost customer satisfaction. We enable retailers to streamline operations with technologies such as IoT and Cloud, and derive actionable consumer and business insights by harnessing advanced analytics tools. With our innovative solutions spanning across retail functions, you can gain a firm edge over your competitors.


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Our Offerings

O2 Technologies’s powerful digital solutions suite can significantly improve your competitive stance through disruptive business transformation

IoT for Retail Operations

Enhance retail business processes, drive smarter consumer interactions and pursue new revenue opportunities by harnessing our advanced, IoT-enabled solutions

BI and Analytics

Leverage our end-to-end business intelligence and analytics capabilities to extract maximum value from your enterprise information assets

ERP Services

Integrate your disparate IT platforms and applications with our ERP services to establish consistent and efficient business processes

Application Development

O2 Technologies combines mature processes, robust global delivery models, life sciences real-world data analytics, and a world-class expertise, to help organizations leverage technology to drive business transformation.


O2 Technologies partners with retail enterprises to redefine customer experience, renew processes, and amplify the technology core. Our digital ecosystem enables retailers to better serve customers online and in-store.


Smart Retail

Our location-based Smart Retail promotions platform significantly eases the management of tailored marketing campaigns across consumer touch points

Spend Analytics

Gain end-to-end spend visibility across the organization and identify cost-saving opportunities with our Spend Analytics solution

Store Ambience Tracking

O2 Technologies’s Store Ambience Tracking & Control solution ensures consistent branding and operating standards, by analyzing the assets of new outlets

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