Top Trends Shaping the Future of Software Testing in 2019

Being the most dynamic among all, the software testing industry keeps its working professionals always on their toes. Which is why it is often said that dynamism is its inbuilt characteristic. Leaving all the other objectives behind, today the companies are aiming to transform themselves into digitized entities. Testing as a function is no exception to this. The predominant goal to achieve digital transformation with all the possible technological advents is substantially resculpting the domain of testing. Numerous factors including external environmental and internal industry related factors are responsible for the occurrence of disruptive changes in the testing industry. These, in turn, broaden the scope of predictions, for which the entire industry is keenly waiting for. It has already witnessed countless changes, and many more are about to come real soon. These changes act as the stimulating agents for drawing out various predictions, thus are extensively responsible for them. Let’s take a look at software testing predictions 2019.

Automation and agile are important in testing, however, these should be deployed cautiously.

There are no second thoughts regarding automation and its significance be it in any industry, any company or any function. However, automation should be neither too much nor too less. Automating wrong mechanisms can pose a serious threat and consequences at a much faster pace than you can ever imagine. Automate only the relevant and necessary mechanisms. It is often said that the field of test automation is associated and surrounded with a lot of unrealistic expectations, which need to be solved tactfully to get the best results. The software or a new build is always prone to defects, even when it is thoroughly examined, and automation can streamline this. With automation, efficiency creeps in, but at the same time technology can never completely replace or suffice natural intelligence. 100% testing automation is a myth.

Whereas, agility in testing strives for the implementation of newer technologies and insightful skillset. It calls for acting smarter, flexible and dynamic. Ongoing interaction and integration of development and testing teams in sprints are must to realize the complete essence of agile testing. With an utmost focus over quality, agile software testing is a reiterative process which gets incorporated from the very start of the new build and does not come afterward. Agile testing stresses on continuous testing, continuous feedback, resolving bugs in real time, and to lessen the redundant tasks in test cases, and ultimately it aims to reduce the time to market.

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