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Connected car – Our accomplishments

One of the largest automakers with a worldwide revenue of over $250 billion that has 9 million+cars, trucks, andbusessold annually in over 160 countries, designs,manufactures, assembles, and sells vehicles,parts and accessories, and also provides financialservices.

This firm needed our guidance to improve their telematics products.It was our mission at O2 Technologies to expand their suite of telematics products by making vehicle diagnostic data available remotely to customers and dealers.

Since late 2015 O2 Technologies has worked closely with this OEM to design,develop, and test remote diagnostics which launched in August2018. O2 Technologies OCM led the launch readiness effort swhich in cluded identifying keys take holders,developing and executing the communications plan, and working on marketing, dealer, and call center readiness.


O2 Technologies has spearheaded the program management, product design/engineering,operations planning, and testing to drive towards the successful launch.

The product provides increased customer connection to their vehicle,dealer services,and the OEM brand.

Expected to drive increased service revenue by connecting the dealer to near real-time maintenance data of their guest.

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