O2 Technologies works with the pioneers and leaders in pharma to fuel innovation and re calibrate business towards more accountable, affordable and accessible care using technology. Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly harnessing the power of next generation technologies to streamline their business processes, improve clinical trial efficacy, and optimize drug manufacturing and distribution. O2 Technologies’s deep expertise in the Life Sciences domain, coupled with our solutions across digital, automation and smart manufacturing, can help drug makers effectively address industry challenges.


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What We Do

Patient Centricity

O2 Technologies's Collaborative Care Platform equals Personalized Patient Engagement + Patient Retention. The platform provides patients with better control over their treatment and improves healthcare outcomes.

Digital Marketing

O2 Technologies has a suite of Digital Marketing solutions specifically designed for Life Sciences clients. These address the growing demand for digital content across multiple channels, client and partner engagement and content management.

Patient led R&D

Deploy a unique patient engagement platform for patient-led R&D that improves patient and physician experiences O2 Technologies offers clients a unique patient engagement platform for patient-led R&D.

Multi-channel Integration

O2 Technologies works with pharma clients to develop their multichannel strategy. Our Multichannel Assessment Tool (MAT) measures the level of multichannel maturity within an organization or team.

Digital Integrated Clinical Enterprise

O2 Technologies’s Digital Integrated Clinical Enterprise (DICE) is a game-changing, cloud-based, unified platform for EHR and EDC applications to deliver clinical data-as-a-service with model-based drug development. s

Commercial Effectiveness

Pharmaceutical clients address their cost, efficiency and commercial effectiveness challenges with O2 Technologies's Commercial Effectiveness (CE) solutions. The solutions assist clients in optimizing their business plans and sharpening their decision-making.

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