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Our expertise amplifies our potential. Take your business dominance a notch higherwith O2 Technologies’s cloud computing technology solutions, product engineering and emerging technologies services.


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Agile digital at scale

Enterprise-wide capability for unprecedented levels of business performance

Create new enterprise-wide digital capability to deliver unprecedented levels of business performance and customer delight.


We work closely with a diverse sector of industries to create an exciting digital experience.

Your automotive enterprise should design 'connected' vehicles to meet the expectations of millennials. You need a smart supply chain so that spare parts and components reach dealers / customers on demand.

Exponential increase in the adoption of Digital is a huge disruptive force that is leading to consumers of tomorrow. This in turn demands healthcare organizations to gear up to manage the consumer experience effectively.​

In the insurance industry, non-traditional players now have access to large volumes of customer data and are able to provide holistic pre-purchase and purchase information, albeit in an unstructured form.

When O2 Technologies Financial Services (FS) began its journey, we were a bunch of people with the sole purpose of redefining technology usage in banking.

Technological advancements and focus on patient centric business models is creating tremendous new opportunities for the pharma industry.

As the lines between the experience offered by online and offline channels are getting blurred, O2 Technologies is helping retailers maximize on this Omni-channel opportunity by delivering an integrated experience across channels.


O2 Technologies's incredible, robust, unique development methodology.


Our Innovation

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Development & QA

Analysis & Design


O2 Technologies Service Transformation solutions offer an integrated approach to enable enterprises to achieve scalable, digital, future-ready operations.

O2 Technologies views Big Data as a catalyst for business transformation and enables this through our industry-focussed themes namely Business Insights, Future-ready Enterprises, Hyper-Automation and Next-Gen Products.

O2 Technologies Blockchain addresses blockchain and adjacent technologies including shared ledger, distributed ledger and smart contracts

O2 Technologies Agile & DevOps Services adopt a Design Thinking-led approach to enterprise agility that helps clients drive Agile & DevOps adoption in an integrated way, taking an end-to-end view of the value chain, guided by Lean principles.

O2 Technologies Cloud practice transforms applications, business processes, and infrastructure management with a comprehensive suite of services. Our analytical and artificial intelligence-driven automation tools support public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

The best path to application development and management is to start in the future – and stay there O2 Technologies’s Application Services works at the intersection of cloud, mobility and analytics to create simple, effective and future ready digital solutions.

Data is the life and blood of an enterprise that aspires to be digital. It is that strategic asset that helps the business learn about evolving opportunities, hidden threats, changing customer expectations and the competitive landscape.

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